Pelicano – Child poverty

The Challenge

17 October 2020 was not a day like any other, nor was it the Day Against Poverty. Did you know that 1 in 5 children in Belgium live in poverty? During the campaign week ‘Week Against Child Poverty’ – from 12 to 17 October inclusive – we wanted to create awareness for child poverty for the Belgian organisation “Stichting Pelicano”.

Today, the Pelicano Foundation supports 1,250 children financially through care partners, every day until they graduate. This way, they have the best chance of getting out of this vicious circle. A noble challenge that we of course wanted to support!


Create awareness for the campaign with a larger audience through influencers and famous Belgian artists. An engagement rate above 10% with micro influencers and a reach above 250K for celebrities.

Week Against Child Poverty

The Work

With this campaign we needed to create awareness for child poverty. The client created a symbol for the week against child poverty, a sign to show our concern on social media. We looked for influencers and celebrities who wanted to draw this symbol on their hand and share it.

We proactively contacted celebrities to draw their attention to the matter. We also gave (micro) influencers the chance to participate on a voluntary basis. And no, there was no fee or gift in return… So we knew that those who participated were definitely showing their big heart!

Week Against Child Poverty
Week Against Child Poverty

The Result

More than 20 micro influencers shared the campaign information and reached about 33K potential viewers with an undeniable 20 % engagement rate! As for the celebrities, we had the chance to work with 15 different movers and shakers with an outstanding 560K estimated reach and a total followers base of 1.8 million!

But even more so, we drew attention to the fact of an important social matter. We are the lucky ones, raising our children in a warm home with everything they need. We were so grateful to be able to work on this case through the power of social media!


  • Publishers: 15
  • Posts and stories: 16
  • Channel: Instagram
  • Total followers: 1.80M
  • Estimated reach: 562.80K
  • Engagements: 32.82K
  • Total comments: 593
  • Total likes: 32.23K
  • EMV: € 21.02K


Macro influencers

  • Publishers: 20
  • Posts and stories: 35
  • Channel: Instagram
  • Total followers: 88,7K
  • Engagement rate: 21,82%

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