The Challenge

Perfectly fluffy pancakes, heavenly cake, crunchy speculoos, … if you can bake it, we love it. When Belgian brand Niamh -specialized in unique baking mixes- decided to team up again with MMBSY for the launch of their six new dessert blends, we were beyond excited. By unleashing our PR and social media magic we developed an awareness campaign that created a wave of love for the brand.

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The Work

We tapped into a cultural moment by responding to the quarantine baking trend on social media. When the world collapsed, we all started making banana bread. But it quickly became clear that not everyone had an inner baker waiting to come out.

We launched an influencer campaign that was grouped around four themes: the launch, Christmas, Candlemas and Easter. We asked food & family bloggers to come up with creative recipes that would be real crowd-pleasers. Because let’s be honest: Who better than Instagram foodies to show our audience that they can whip up delicious desserts in no-time, that will satisfy their sweet tooth and that of their loved ones. Showing that Niamh’s dessert mixes were sophisticated, but so easy to use that everyone could pull them off. Tiramisu pancakes, anyone?

Next up, we included the recipes in press releases, used our strong network in lifestyle and food media to connect with the press and did an intense media follow-up. Our main objective was to focus on the quality and versatility of the product. We even sent out baking boxes to sweeten the deal, delivering the recipes directly to key journalists’ door. That way they were able to join in on the fun, test the product and get a taste of it. Talk about a tasty launch!

The Results

Like dessert, we have saved the best for last: the results. The campaign was a real success, we obtained high-quality press coverage with publications in magazines and newspapers as Libelle Lekker, Culinaire Ambiance, Elle Eten, Nina, Goed Gevoel, HLN, … .

  • Total reach of 710.665
  • Total PR value of 285.501 €
  • Number of publications: 39


We are so delighted by the results, that we really have only one thing to say: Let them eat cake!

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