Mazda MX-30 Instagram campaign

The challenge

Car brand Mazda asked us to support the recent launch of their new electric car Mazda MX-30 with an influencer campaign on Instagram. The Mazda influencers had to be stylish and into design or art. They got the chance to drive the Mazda MX-30, for more than a month and discover and highlight all its stunning features on their Instagram channel. The goal of the campaign was to create brand love and interest for the MX-30, a perfect everyday electric car.

The work

As Mazda positioned the MX-30 as ‘the perfect second car’, MMBSY searched for four perfectly matching profiles who all have second jobs: a business woman who’s also a busy mother, an Instagram creative who’s also an interior designer… MMBSY set up collaborations with influencers who are into design, art, fashion and maintain a stylish and busy but approachable lifestyle. They were thrilled to test the new Mazda MX-30, an electric car with elegant and innovative details such as vegan leather, a cork middle console and freestyle doors. The influencers shot beautiful pictures and videos of the cars and posted them on their Instagram feed and stories.

The results

  • Number of influencers: 4
  • Total reach: 666.850
  • Total number of posts: 56
  • Total followers: 226.030
  • Total engagement: 8.410
Mazda MX-30
Mazda MX-30