Social Media Quiz

The Challenge

Lingerie brand Anita was proud to announce its new Anita Maternity collection for young mommies, and wanted to raise awareness in a non-conventional way on their social media. A challenge we were happy to take on.

The Work

We wanted to create a strong interaction with Anitas’ followers while also giving the right product information. Therefore we launched an online integrated responsive quiz on the Anita Facebook page. Anita presented the: ‘Did-you-know?’ – quiz for all mommies to be.

With every question, right or wrong, the brand received extra information about the participants knowledge. At the end of the quiz, we integrated a ‘Share my results’- button, including a chance to invite friends and share the link with others.

The result

The quiz resulted in an amazing result with 18.069 fans reached and 1.648 participants who finished the quiz. With an average time of 2 minutes and 26 seconds spent completing the quiz we managed to create qualitative engagement with the followers.

  • 18.069 people reached
  • Engagement rate 10,30%
  • 1.648 participants