No MMBSY without sharp ambassadors

Say hi to our team!

Our ambassadors are like a box of chocolate; great taste and style and with that soft crunch to get you asking for more.

Dorothee Marcus

PR Manager

Dorothee speaks fashion fluently. Having a background in communication sure does help, and so does having a knack for Belgian brands!

She absolutely thrives in the ever-changing world of media, and loves to dig deep for her customers, going all the way to get to the core of her target audience.
Dorothee just oozes creativity and girl power.

Proud green girl, living life to the fullest without a car, trying to live sustainably and buying local.
Electronic dance chick, and the life of the party at all things alternative, dark and underground.

Our strong-willed trooper, but psst, she gets all gooey when she talks about her dog…

Karen Schellekens

PR Manager

Karen Schellekens
PR manager

Meet Karen, woman of the world and our lovely Lady of the Lists.

This mademoiselle started out her PR-career in Paris, working with big whoppers such as HP and planning fancy lifestyle events. Just your average Communication intern, right?

After the Paris internship, she started working at Lewis in Antwerp, where she worked her PR-magic on a range of different clients. Going from lifestyle, to IT and healthcare. Expanding her boundaries, she moved to Edelman in Brussels where she truly experienced the buzzing European bubble feel.

Here at MMBSY, Karen’s customers in lifestyle and food are bound to be blown away by her crazy organizing skills. As a dedicated PR manager, Karen is our go-to person to start up a project from scratch, monitoring the process as she goes.
She absolutely loves it when things go according to plan, from an on-point big reveal to a happy customer with a big grin on his face.

Oh, and those lists…
If there would be a list-making-contest, Karen would take home gold, hands down. She just looooves to jot down things to do, to see, and even to eat. Even more so when she can tick them off.
Weekly meal planner? Check. A top ten of Antwerp’s hippest food hotspots? You betcha.

Fan of all things food, this curious lil’ chef can be found in her kitchen, trying out the latest recipes of Rens Kroes or Steffi Vertriest. Ben & Jerry’s is her all-time guilty pleasure, but so is her yoga subscription.

Margo Van Raemdonck

PR Manager

All secret agents have exquisite taste, and so does this trend spotter and city chick. Our silent force, but don’t underestimate what lies beneath. With her nose for trends and an eye for detail, she knows all the ins before they’re even out there.

Margo knows her way around in the world of PR & magazines and is fluent in French after five years of working in Brussels. Ah oui!
Creative conceptual thinker at MMBSY, where she’s built up an impressive portfolio over the last seven years, always rethinking brands and their image until they’re just right.

Exotic by blood, being half-Indonesian, adventurous by nature. While the hipsters are sipping from their soy latte on Bali, Margo is already checking out under-the-radar hotspots with the locals.

Fan of revived eighties brands like Reebok, and with a hairdresser as a father, her Wonder Years were bound to be filled with big hairdo’s and neon track suits.

Might be caught singing to Eternal Flame, while packing her backpack for her next trip…

Yasmine Zahnoun

PR Manager

I spy with my little eye… our lovely Lady of Honesty, Yasmine!

‘Critical thinker since 1992’.
Should Yasmine ever own her own brand, that’s exactly what the label would say.
Hey, never say never, since this stylish minimalist has the enviable talent of putting on a timeless, effortless look of oversized pieces from the men’s department and spot on accessories.

She’s honest to the bone and with the absolute inability to disguise the truth, a big asset in this industry. Always with elegance and kindness, of course.

Having a nose for fashion, media and content has clearly always been her thing. With a degree in Communication Management in the pocket, she managed to secure a spot at Nightingale, where she started as a showroom manager and swiftly shifted to senior PR manager, making sure the agency’s communication was always on point.

Spotting exactly what her customer wants, delivering the exact right product at the right time? Check. Daily contacts with journalists, happily sharing her well-informed, well-founded opinion? Yasmine’s on it.
No wonder customers love to work with her, praising her quick mind and commitment.

For Yasmine, big, impersonal corporate structures are a big ‘no way, José’.
So hooray for MMBSY, since she fits our team like a glove.

Less is more for this fashionista.
Except from city tripping, to Rotterdam or Utrecht to browse those cool design shops, or to Fez and Marrakech for a splash of color and culture. And to Paris, of course. Even just for the day, since one can never have enough of Paris, right?

Lover of a good podcast to go with her breakfast and a big fan of sipping oat milk lattes with a bunch of magazines on the side.

Sabrina Bouzoumita

PR Manager

As a former journalist at Flair, one of Belgium’s biggest women’s weeklies, Sabrina knows a good story when she sees one. And she has seen - and written - many.
Does not get shocked easily, which is great asset when she needs to keep her cool.
“You can tell Sabrina anything, and still she will never judge you”, a colleague once said.

Lover of language, with a knack for good copy and meaningful content.
For saying exactly the right thing at exactly the right time, using the exact right channel.
After years of experience on the other side of the magazine world, she knows precisely what works and what doesn’t. Spot-on press releases make her happy, making sure they get picked up by the right people even more.

She’ll treat her brands like a baby. Because she knows it’s not just about getting more clicks or cash, but about passion. Taking her time to sit down with a client goes without any question.
If she’s convinced, you can be sure anyone will soon be, too. That’s her superpower.

Sabrina is your go-to fixer: she’ll always ‘know someone or something’ to help you out, whether it’s a last-minute time slot in that talk show or a phone call to her vast PR-network.
“I’ll get my people to talk to your people”, but without the mafia voice and with more charm.

Might get caught doing a lil’ victory dance when spotting a press clipping that truly brings out her brand babies to the fullest.

Not a kitchen queen, but absolutely killing it in the take-out department.
Once she won a whole summer long worth of free delivery for being ‘one of Deliveroo’s 100 best customers’. Eat that!

“I love dressing up. But I also love sleeping.” • S. Bouzoumita

Eline Vervloet

PR Manager

If the term ‘social butterfly’ would have a face, it would be Eline’s.
Our sassy, bubbly, positive extravert.

A true fine example of ‘Oh hey! Haven’t seen you in a while! How have you been?!’ at parties, catching up with anyone she knows. A great PR-skill to have, lifting switching between customers, influencers, suppliers and creatives to the next level.

Eline can also take a challenge or two. Like studying in Quebec during the final year of her Strategic Communication Master, for example, to finetune her PR-skills en français, or being an intern at The Wicked PR to name a few.

Might be spotted secretly pinching herself in disbelief when it dawns on her how much she loves her job. ‘Just your average day at the office’ is not how she’d describe a random working day, and it’s exactly that variety that floats her boat. Drawing the outlines of a 60K budget plan in the morning, while picking up eucalyptus springs for an event in the afternoon? Yes, ma’am!

Hands-on, and solid as a rock.
At MMBSY, Eline’s got you covered. Pinky promise.

Tough cookie, but don’t let her watch videos of soldiers coming home to their dogs unattended (spoiler alert: lots of happy tears). She also has a weak spot for cute-looking pugs, her utter and ultimate source of pure happiness.

Lover of carbs, metal, rock-‘n-roll, karaoke and musicals. #noshame
Just don’t ask her to pick a favorite musical song, because she’ll tell you it’s like “choosing between your children”.

Sassy, we told ya.

Lauren Vanderstukken

Lauren Vanderstukken

PR Executive

“Hi, jeg er Lauren”

Say hi to our lovely Lauren, whose glass is always half full. Like!
This born optimist-slash-organizer loves to grab life by the - ehm - hand, with the talent to always spot the good side of things.

Analyze this: Lauren’s analytic skills are pretty impressive, thanks to a Bachelor of Communications Studies and Master in Strategic Communication. She topped it off with a year at the Belgian Advertising School. Oh, did we mention her six months of Erasmus exchange in Copenhague?
Like we said, this one sure knows where to find the gøød stuff!

At MMBSY, our social gal will gladly follow up on our accounts and sprinkle them with her PR magic, while whipping out her writing skills with some spot-on newsletters. Needless to say she never says no to some good ol’ researching and crystal clear reporting.
Fun fact: chaos is not in Lauren’s work dictionary, and she will not sleep until her flat is all clear of any clutter. But be warned: thou shall not open her closets, or else…

If you see Lauren, you see stripes: from little darling ones on her socks to an impressive collection of stripy tees. Combined with her signature fringe and love for black, this stylish minimalist knows how to speak fashion.

Daily eater of hummus with carrots and eager shaker of booties, in no particular order. Dance-off, anyone?

Dubious superpower: stumbling over her own feet. This Queen of Clumsytown managed to fall off so many stairs and bikes, that she lost count.
So please please, pretty please, do not ever shout ‘break a leg’ to Lauren, because she most likely will.

Helena Vanleeuw

Social Media Manager

With a smartphone for a right hand, Helena sure knows how to get social.
Snapping pics before you can even say ‘hashtag’, creating jaw-droppingly cool Instagram posts and always swiftly swaying through the jungle of social media, on the lookout for anything exciting. (A bit like Jane, but way better dressed, though leopard prints have been making a comeback for a while now)

Being the boss lady of the beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog Five More Minutes ( , she’s a true insider who thinks like an influencer, getting all the tricks of the trade at first hand.
Needless to say that reaching out to fellow influencers is peanuts for this lovely lady!

Carpool karaoke guilty pleasure: Girls just wanna have fun, with a side of glitter make-up on weekends.

Sofie Laureys

Content Marketeer

Remember those days when animals could still speak and Facebook was for the odd few? That’s when our Sofie - as the true social media pioneer she is - was there, on the front line, witnessing the very first baby steps of social media for TMF.

Working her way through the wondrous world of marketing and PR at Studio 100 and Never On Wednesday, she learnt the tricks of the trade. From launching an online app for kids, to last-minute interviews with some known faces on TV, Sofie nailed it.

After a few years as an online content manager at Veritas, she swapped her buttons and stockings for MMBSY.
Known to work with the pick of the bunch, Sofie just loooves bringing people together, always cooking up the best content plan she can think of.
One day she’ll be happily shooting a video, making sure everything’s just right, the other day she’ll tap her brain for freewheeling on the coolest content creations.
Feeling like a fish in the water in a playground full of creatives, Sofie gets inspired 24/7. Listening to her customers is key, getting the right content out there her second nature.

With her catering & event styling company Homeslice, Sofie happily unleashes her inner decorator, while her business partner whips up the tastiest sharing dishes. This makes her your go-to girl for giving you that golden tip on the hottest venue in - or outta - town.

Being permanently surrounded by beauty and good food, Sofie sure struck it lucky. Or would you think dating a former chef is a coincidence too? Our thoughts exactly.
“But I do like eating, does that count as cooking?”. Well tried, Sofie, but no.

Spotter of stunning locations, anti-endive and ham gratin (witloof in de oven) and keen wearer of the midi dress + boots + sweater combo.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure this beauty could serve as a vase!” • S. Laureys, on every vase-like item, ever.

Kim Thissen

Graphic Designer

If good design would have a face, Kim would surely kiss it.

The brain of this graphic designer is always oozing with ideas and that perpetual go-to question ‘how can I make this look pretty?’.

Also, our creative Kim speaks fashion. Big time. Not like Dory speaks whale, but we’re talking truly, high end fashion here. Like having worked for Capara, for example, taking care of their communication and graphic design.
And seriously, who else can say they designed textile prints, and actually own a piece of design clothing, made by… you? Kim can.

At MMBSY, she works her magazine magic, swiftly turning any input from briefings, presentations and pitches into a stunning lay-out.
Happiest when thriving in a warm team, she got lucky with us, and the feeling is mutual!

Very visual by nature, Kim bows for good design. Both in graphic design as in clothes, preferably pieces with a bit of an edge to it, and a knack for originality. With a big ‘yes’ to secondhand, but a ‘hell, no’ to high street shopping. Paying tribute to evergreens like Martin Margiela or Dries Van Noten comes naturally to her, also in her closet.
Never says no to a fab statement shoe, or a splash of colour.

She’s honest to the bone, and a bit of a nutty professor. When she’s not browsing little art galleries and museums in Antwerp or Paris, Kim likes to feed her brain with podcasts and facts. From listening to economy buffs on NPR to cutting-edge content on Radiotopia, Kim will gladly devour it!

‘I’m that nerdy chick’ • K. Thissen

Elise - MMBSY

Elise Danckers

Content Marketeer

Meet Elise - “I’ve got this” - Danckers, our Print Princess and gentle Guardian of The Deadline.
With her bird’s eye, she’ll spot whatever you need even before you know you need it.
Always keeping her focus on project planning and making sure everybody’s right where they need to be, in the right flow.

Guess half a year of studying in London taught this gal how to look after herself – not to mention mastering to roam a buzzing city without a map, local style. Like we said: this one knows where she wants to go and how to get there. Chop, chop!

Chez nous at MMBSY, she’ll whip out those print skills whenever she can, making sure in the end, her customers get their hands on a damn fine copy. From briefing copywriters, spotting any missing content to dotting the i’s in our studio, it’s all in the details and guess what: details are sort of Elise’s thing.

Professional pride? You bet.
Our Elise will surely grab one of them freshly printed magazines from the stack in the store and scroll right through it, to then proudly present it to whoever wants to read it.

A coupeke cava makes her smile, so does Aperol Spritz.
Electric bike enthusiast, creative fixer and avid sharer of pretty little London hotspots.

Content marketing @ MMBSY, Antwerpen

Marie Demaerel

Content Marketeer

First you see some crazy curls bobbing up and down, then you spot her signature glasses and finally you hear that unmistakable burst of lovely laughter…
Meet our Marie, a digikid pur sang, who’s bound to take your story to the next digital level.

Ridiculously tech savvy, curious, witty and knowing precisely where to find the exact right information before you can even say ‘google it’, this woman knows the world wide web from the inside out. Need a snappy video for social? Someone to steer your digital project or whip up an online magazine? Marie’s on it, assembling a team of experts, making sure your digital story gets told the way it should be. Always with a smile and most likely with a quirky brooch on her sweater.

Having studied at the Belgian Advertising School, Marie knows how to wow her customers. She was there to monitor the very first steps of the new website of women’s magazine Libelle, happily launching new online projects while sharpening her online storytelling skills.

Did you know even Marie’s cute basset dog Pretzel is a true kid of his generation? Suffering from some serious FOMO, this handsome fella - an impressive 1,37 m of pure love - never misses an opportunity to sniff out where the party’s at. Or the cuddles.

Fun fact: every night, Marie goes on a digital detox. No phones in her bedroom, just that good ol’ sport, the alarm clock. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Myra Nurski

Managing Partner

Once running around from one jewelry store to another with a briefcase full of fancy diamonds, Myra’s now running that other gem, MMBSY, together with partner-in-crime Mie. Her diamond days might be over, but this fierce leading lady is only getting warmed up.

With a solid background in communication, a Master after Master in Fashion Management at the Polimoda in Florence and an internship at Natan, Myra knows (high end) fashion when she sees it. Working with demanding luxury brands taught her a love of great storytelling, quality and critical thinking.

Being half Italian and half Polish, no need to say family parties are always memorable at casa Nurski! Absolutely loves: a damn fine watch, shopping with her two kids – mini fashionistas in the make - and going dancing.

Oh, and if you want to know her secret dance move, you should ask her twin brother.

Mie Van der Auwera

Managing Partner

MMBSY’s other half of the managing team and former leading lady of some of Belgium’s finest women’s magazines (Flair, Glamit, Libelle/Femmes d’Aujourd’hui), this creative bee can always be found buzzing around where the action is.

Mie knows magazines from the inside out, and can still be in awe to see a killer idea bloom into great content, closely monitoring every step along the production process.
Storytelling runs through her blood, as does keeping a close relation to her wide network of press connections.
Treats her brands like babies, making sure they can grow, until they’re strong enough to shine brightly.

Loves a good run at dawn, losing herself in her upbeat playlist (and belting out loud the chorus - oops).
Soul lady pur sang, thanks to a music-loving dad with a guitar, a piano and a weak spot for Otis Redding and good ol’ Elvis.

Cuddler of two daughters, a husband and dearest dog John, a spirited cocker who loves campervan trips to Norway and who is a full member of the family.