The Challenge

How to highlight the women at work range of LolaLiza with an influencer campaign.

LolaLiza is a 100% Belgian family-owned brand, developed from a desire to indulge women of all ages with affordable fashion and inspiring women to dare to be who they really want to be. From sexy, to comfy, elegant or festive, LolaLiza knows women and what they need. From dressing for work to leisure, LolaLiza’s clothes are for them, for their daughters, their girlfriends, their mothers-in-law and their work colleagues. Because women are intriguing, multi-faceted and unbelievably close to one another.
LolaLiza stands for women who love life.

The Work

We launched a content-driven influencer marketing campaign with 4 different influencers dressed in powerful LolaLiza outfits, promoted in 4 strong themes.

We got a peek into their busy agendas, showing us “a day in the life of…” these power women, who each have a different expertise: food, fashion, mind/body &beauty. From a morning rush to killing it at work and from a healthy lunch to relaxing me-time: these influencers all did it in style, in a LolaLiza silhouette they created themselves.

We did a photoshoot with the 4 influencers, where we asked them to share their story.


Instagram posts


People reached




People Engaged

Let’s show off

Run to the counter

“A great mix of 4 power women that enriched the Lolaliza campaign and its collection!
Nanja Massy’s post has known a great reach and engagement rate (of 5,35%), resulting in a direct increase in sale!”

HelenaSocial Media Manager