The Challenge

How can we boost Suzuki Swift in Flanders and Brussels?

Being known as one of the most reliable brands on the car market, Suzuki doesn’t need an introduction anymore in Wallonia, the south of Belgium, thanks to the Jimny, Suzuki’s heavy duty 4×4.
In Flanders and Brussels however, Suzuki’s reputation needs a boost.
Time to get those northerners up to speed!

The Work

We decided to create a dream team on wheels, the Suzuki Seven: actress and author Leen Dendievel, creative and performing artist Elisa Guarraci, actor and filmmaker Christophe Haddad, hockey player Loick Luypaert, model and blogger Pauline Grossen, ex-football player, football commentator and academic Imke Courtois, and IT-er and travel blogger Yannick Merckx.

In their personalized bright red Suzuki Swift, our seven ambassadors (+/- one per Flemish province) make sure to be seen in their fancy rides, wherever they go.
We launched the campaign by inviting our Seven to the introduction of the Swift Sport in Waterloo, after revealing their spot-on personalized sticker and setting the tone right from the start.
The seven ambassadors are creating visibility by posting on their own social media at the launch day, events at their local dealers and any other day they are giving their sweet rides a spin.




Fanbase reached





Let’s take a ride