The Challenge

Give the collection an international level, without overlooking the brand’s dna.

We needed an ambassador with international allure, but with a local following as well. Sofie Valkiers is one of Belgium’s most famous fashion bloggers, blogging since 2008 with over half a million followers on IG. She knows the ins and outs of high end fashion, resulting in collabs with Chanel and a direct hotline with Paris, London and Milan’s fashion scene. Sofie has been top of mind for a collab with Caroline Biss and the new FW18 collection was going to be our shot..

The Work

We sent Sofie just a few looks from the catalogue (a colored striped dress and a funky jumpsuit), and triggered her to discover the collection. She was pleasantly surprised and the idea of working with a Belgian brand that could easily blend in with the very high end couture brands she usually works with, spoke to her.

This resulted into a three post campaign that wowed old and new consumers and eventually led to a long-term collaboration with Sofie Valkiers and Caroline Biss. Win-win!


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